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Clarkston State Bank

Because Clarkston State Bank is a community bank, it is in a position to offer a committed financial package to the discriminating home buyer. The bank's dedication to excellence and the continued improvement of the economic vitality of the community is evidenced by the presence of three local banks, two in Clarkston and one in the Waterford area.

Beginning in 1911, the building at 15 S. Main, in downtown Clarkston, served as the areas bank. In early 1999, the doors to that same historically-rich structure opened again as Clarkston State Bank. The new Clarkston State Bank is the undertaking of eight local businessmen who are successful entrepreneurs.

Our Goals:
Clarkston deserves and needs a community bank. The new institution is locally managed and headquartered. Clarkston State Bank focuses its efforts in Clarkston and the surrounding area. The Bank is based in downtown Clarkston with two other branches in the Clarkston Area and one branch in Waterford.

Our Values:
Use our talents, dedication to excellence and profits to continuously improve the economic vitality of the communities we serve. Work for the prosperity of our customers through our uncompromising dedication to meeting their financial needs. Help our employees achieve their maximum personal potential and well-being through ongoing training, career development and advancement. Dedication to our shareholders and a reasonable return on their investment. Commitment to ourselves to actively compete and never quit striving to achieve our goals.

Dawn Horner
President & CEO

J. Grant Smith
Senior Vice President & CFO

Jim Jeszke
Vice President & Senior Lender

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